Our Philosophy

Our goal is to produce high quality corrugated boxes and trays in the most all-around, spectacular and creative way possible.
Fully optimized process

Automatic wave cutting, high productivity

Cost effective operation

Application of the new generation of wave cutters, reductions of the expenses of production


Flexible approach to supply and production, while maintaining the high quality.

Modern technology

The most modern flexo printing technology, different (B,C,D,E) type corrugated boards, high performance converter machines.

Why choose us?

Our corrugated board really wraps anything! There is no impossible for us, we can make die cut, glued or multi-color printed (3+1), three or even five-layer cardboard boxes. From idealization to realization, we plan it out and tailor-made for you. With our modern production lines, we can make the best of solutions for your demands. Why are we so sure of this? Well, we have more than 80 years of experience and our goal is that after Belgium we could become the market leaders in Hungary too. Our goal is only achievable if we hold on to our standards and provide the best possible service for our buyers and for you and your enterprise.

Our line-up includes the basic (TFL) boxes, as well as trays, presenter cardboards, wrapping cardboards and Twinbox cardboards too. We will not back off from the opportunity, where a client wants hand or machine glued boxes for the presentation of its products, because we can plan, produce and cut those products with the most modern equipment available and print them with 2, 3 or even with 4 color. The uniquely shaped and special open-close solutions are not unmanageable for us either, because of this we can make the most alluring and distinctive products for every need of our customers. The shipping is on us too, with our trucks we can manage any order within 1 or 2 days, and take it wherever the customer wants.

All of these processes fit the highest quality standards and the greatest possible flexibility. Because your success is our success as well.

From idea to finished product.


The defining of the quality of the corrugated cardboard boxes is based on a very precise analysis. Thanks for the wide variety of our base paper products, we can produce the most proper quality for every ordered box. We submit the sample box made in the appointed quality under pressure test (BCT test), which precisely shows the loading capacity of the designed boxes.


Adapting to the demands of our customers, we can show the model of our boxes in two or in three dimensional plans, with the planning program CAD, which helps us to easily conceptualize our latter packaging. The finished plans hold every information needed in the production.


Due to the great knowledge of our graphic designers, any design can be efficiently transformed into graphic plan based on flexo printing. The production lines of PACAPIME are able to print in 2,3 or even 4 color, ensuring the manufacturing of the packaging in tailor-made quality for our customers. The corrugators and converter machines of ours can make trays and boxes even out of pre-printed paper, all of this with a speed to fast for human eyes to perceive.


Thanks to our supply department following the dynamic advancement, PACAPIME stays up to date concerning the newest technologies in die-cutting. Flat or rotary die-cuts, our goal is to achieve the highest speed and best quality possible.

The Process

Our Corrugator is equipped with two modular-facer, responsible for producing three and five layered cardboard. We follow the trends corresponding the needs of our customers, working with lighter weight papers and with more recyclable base materials. The high productivity and technical approach ensure the effective usage of paper and the reduction of the quantity of waste, used energy and adhesives.

We deliver the corrugated board piles to the converter machines with minimal manual handling. Our report making and analyzer devices and processes ensure the permanent top quality of the cardboards.

The wide variety of machines and equipment provides great flexibility to our production potential.

The finished products arrive to the fully automatic pallet wrapper on a conveyor belt, which then carries it further to the finished product storage and to the units managing shipment.

The conveyor belts and turning units lead the corrugated boards to the entry points of the converters, keeping them in an optimal state. These converters guarantee the 4-color printing, lacquering and perfect cutting process of our corrugated boxes and trays.

Our Products

Standard boxes, better known as american boxes, with or without some kind of perforation to obtain a shelf ready packaging (SRP)

Trays and wrap arounds, twinboxes (top and bottom in one, easily transformed to an SRP display).

Erected boxes : a most efficient packaging for transport, storage and presentation. Especially suited for vegetables and fruits (AGF), bread and pastry, and many others.

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